It’s odd, really, given Dame Christie’s prominence and crossover popularity, that she hasn’t been more commonly filmed – at least on TV, if not the silver screen. Indeed, the late ’80s primarily saw her being adapted by the Americans (in updated versions of Murder is Easy and The Man in the Brown Suit) while the ’90s were given over almost exclusively to the Poirot and Marple series. The only modern British TV movie I’ve been able to track down and review until now was 2003’s Sparkling CyanideI would’ve thought that the novels would’ve been regular fodder for young writers armed with an ITV contract and two weeks’ filming time, but I suppose the Christie estate has other opinions. (And, it must be said, TV movies have a habit of updating the action to present-day, which is perfectly fine but might be challenging for some of Christie’s more class-conscious novels, and sometimes leads to the trashy feeling of the footballers and their wives in Sparkling Cyanide.) Today, however, I’m looking at that rare breed: a period TV film, adapted from a Christie novel, originally airing in the ’90s. Let’s take a look.