Welcome back, Christie fans, as we revisit Julia McKenzie‘s most recent outing as Jane Marple.

“Some are born to sweet delight,

some are born to endless night.”



Welcome back, as we continue with the second of this year’s Marple mysteries: Greenshaw’s Folly.

“Everyone here’s a bit weird, aren’t they?”
— Archie Oxley


Julia McKenzie is back for three new films as spinster detective Jane Marple. First cab off the rank: A Caribbean Mystery.

“Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant.”

 — Jason Rafiel


Thanks to the lovely Robert Ross (, I stumbled across this picture from 1990, the year of Dame Agatha’s centenary. To celebrate, Joan Hickson and David Suchet attended celebrations in Torquay, dressed as Miss Jane Marple and Monsieur Hercule Poirot, respectively.

Dame Christie was against the characters ever meeting in her narrative (after all, even if they had reason to meet, there’s very little chance they would like each other!). However, they do have various connections, proving they exist in the same world – as this lovely website points out.

Still, we can all savour the one time when our Poirot and Marple did get to know each other. (Excepting the encounter between Tony Randall and Margaret Rutherford in The Alphabet Murders, but let’s not discuss that…)

As we wait for the increasingly likely news that Poirot will get one final season, there’s been no word on a possible renewal of Marple for a sixth season, and its third starring Julia McKenzie. I thought I’d just spare a couple of paragraphs to look at potential directions for the series.


Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple

Well, folks, it’s been quite an enjoyable couple of months as I came to know first Geraldine McEwan‘s sprightly three years in the role of Miss Marple, and then the two seasons to date of Julia McKenzie. Join me as I look back at McKenzie’s second season, in which the actress comes into her own as Marple with four very strong adaptations.


Helen Hayes as Miss Marple

Film Review: “Murder with Mirrors” (1985)

with Helen Hayes (Miss Jane Marple), Bette Davis (Carrie Louise Serrocold), John Mills (Lewis Serrocold), Leo McKern (Inspector Curry)

written by George Eckstein

directed by Dick Lowry

“I think not being killed raises one’s spirits.”

— Miss Marple


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